HB-ROLL-2 High-Class Marble Machine Tower

Böhms continues its Marble Machines to lofty heights and it is a big deal!
With ROLL-2 Marble Machine Tower, you follow the marbles on this unusual marble machine as it zig-zags up and steeply down.

The Marble Machine had a total height of  13” / 33cm!

Stirling motor is NOT part of delivery, but you can order it separately!
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Product.Nr. HB-ROLL-2

weight 12,00 KG


ROLL-2 High-Class Marble Machine Tower

Technical Data:

DIMENSIONS: 235mm x 195mm x 325mm LxWxH
WEIGHT: 2671 g
MATERIALS: Brass, Steel marbles 9.5mm, stainless steel, aluminium
STAND/BASE: stands on three design brass feet with rubber base.
OTHER: 25 Steel marbles
BEARING: 16 ball bearings glued and 24 ball bearings pinned
SPEED: Four adjustable speeds with 4 step belt wheel. Rotary direction left and right possible.
KIT: 365 parts
Long drive belt is included!

As Accessories:

Use the model power station HB5 to drive the ROLL2.
Technical and design changes possible in Time.

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