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Be it a Christmas present for business clients or a toy that enthuses people around the world: the fascinating Böhm-Stirling motor.

Hermann Böhm developed his sense for filigree shapes and engineering in the middle of the eighties, during his apprenticeship in the field of steel casting. In 1990, Böhm finally realized his dream and, using painstakingly saved capital, founded his own company, working out of a double garage to produce precision parts for industrial application.

As the first Christmas celebration in the young companys history drew nearer Böhm started to consider what sort of present could surprise his clients. A model making magazine drew his attention to hot air powered Stirling motors.

His interest was awakened, and after a few starting difficulties the young entrepreneur managed to develop his own functional motors. Böhms clients were amazed.

Soon after this, there followed the idea of mass-producing high quality Stirling motors. The first model by Böhm Stirling-Technik was the HB0-AL2. This was followed by the standing HB3-AS2 with two rocker arms, whose movement reminded of the wings of a butterfly.

„Das Boot“ was my Inspiration
Hermann Böhm

The U-96’s diesel motor in the film “Das Boot” inspired Böhm to develop the HB4-AS4 with overhead rocker arm and a crankshaft milled out of brass. A further model was the HB5-AL2, a modified HB0-motor with a small Swiss musical box powered by a screw drive and gear wheel transmitting movement form the main axle’s flywheels.

In 2002, Hermann Böhm developed the HB7, a motor whose size was reduced by a third in comparison with previous models. The new motor was very well received not only because of the appealing price to performance ratio, but also because of the smaller format. Since then the palette of small Böhm motors has been continuously expanded, and all models are available as assembly sets for hobbyists.

Since 2006, Böhm Stirling-Technik has been present at the world famous toy fair in Nurnberg so as to reinforce contacts with industrial partners and Stirling aficionados from across the world.

The engines from the history of Böhm

HB12 Big Power Station

This power package never runs out of breath!

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HB14 Big Bonsai

The most sold Böhm double cylinder motor’s convinces with its great movement

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HB26 Twin Bridge

A powerful double cylinder, suited for external PROPULSION

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HB28 Big Bridge

The overhead rocker arm is reminiscent of the diesel motor of the U-96

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