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AS4 sports car - Stirlingmotor is now driving on four wheels

AS4 sports car - Stirlingmotor is now driving on four wheels

Fascination Made in Germany: the AS4 sports car with Stirling motor

We are delighted to present a four-wheel, self-propelled car model with a Stirling motor for the first time, the AS4 sports car. We based this model on a legendary automobile - the first Mercedes.

According to trade literature, it was designed by Wilhelm Maybach and was the first race car equipped with a 35 PS motor. The first specimen of the car was delivered to customer Emil Jellinek in Nice on December 22nd, 1900. In fact, the name Mercedes was inspired by the first name of Jellinek's daughter. Since this, this car name has developed in the now world-famous brand with the star logo.

By the end of March, 1901, the Mercedes race car had already celebrated its first victory. In this tradition, the AS4 sports car models will be delivered at the end of March this year - exactly 111 years after the historic victory of the first Mercedes.

Our AS4 sports car model, which has become a true highlight of our product range, has already been honored. In the "Art meets Technology" campaign at the AMB machine tool trade fair, it won first place in a reader survey conducted by the "MAV" trade journal. This shows that we have satisfied the taste of a wide audience with our AS4 sports car.

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