Here you get all information about the care and maintenance of your Böhm Stirling engines.

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Displacment axle + crankshaft oils

Finished models are lubricated ready and must not be lubricated . For newly assembled models lubricate as follows.

We use AeroShell Fluid 12 as the type of oil. Do not use any other oil. This warranty is void if foreign oil or other lubricants are used.

The engine cannot even start if there is too much oil on the displacement axle and too much ceramic paste on the working piston. If this happens, it must be partially disassembled and cleaned. Oil may only be applied after the first trial run on the displacement axle (oil droplet diameter 1mm).

DO NOT regrease!

The bearings must NEVER be lubricated!

In crankshaft models, it is recommended that after prolonged use, the 4mm axle in the centre between the aluminium flanges, where two rods on the axle are located, be lubricated with a drop of our oil (1mm diameter)! This works wonders! Do not use more oil! Many customers do not perform piston cleaning and use too much oil; they are then surprised when the model no longer runs. Please clean your working pistons regularly and do not relubricate the model unless the engine is completely disassembled and rebuilt.