Over 2000 years ago in ancient Egypt, the expansion of heated air was used to set temple doors in motion. The hot air engine patented in 1816 by Robert Stirling is based on a similar principle: A burner filled with fuel heats the air inside a cylinder and thereby purveys energy to the motor that activates through piecing of the flywheels.

Stirling motors are impressive machines despite their simple design!

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Offer HB12 + R3

The package offer includes the impressively powerful HB12 + the R3 Ferris wheel.
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This power package never runs out of breath and push the W1 windmill!!!

Only 439.95 €

This power package never runs out of breath and push the R3 Ferris wheel!

Only 555.95 €

The HB5 is best suited for external drives like the TP1 Texas Pumpjack!

Only 829.95 €

The HB5 is best suited for external drives like the W1 Windmill + R3 Ferris wheel!

Only 889.95 €

The HB5 is best suited for external drives like the ROLL-1 Steampunk Marble Machine!

Only 779.95 €

HB11 is the most sold Böhm-Stirling, he push the ROLL-1 Steampunk Marble Machine!

Only 559.95 €

The trailer AH1 perfectly complements the Stirlingcar A1.

Only 584.95 €

Our engines
from the first sight

HB4 Viking-Ship

Bohm Viking-ship sets sail!

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HB5 Power Plant

The HB5 is best suited for external drives.

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HB6 Sunlight-Tower

This Coffee-Stirling shows with one spin of the simple way of converting thermal energy into motion.

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HB6 Double-Teatime

The HB6-Double-Tea-Time shows you how 2 cups of tea can power a machine in harmony.

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HB11 Little Pump

The most sold Böhm-Stirling convinces with its unique charm

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HB12 Big Power Station

This power package never runs out of breath!

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HB13 Small Bonsai

This double arm motor makes every heart pound faster

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HB14 Big Bonsai

The most sold Böhm double cylinder motor’s convinces with its great movement

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HB22 Smoking Colt

The sound of this vacuum motor is reminiscent of the Lanz Bulldog

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HB24 Classik Smoking

A vacuum motor that transports you back to the eighteenth century.

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HB25 Little Bridge

The Little Bridge combines shapeliness with robust technology

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HB26 Twin Bridge

A powerful double cylinder, suited for external PROPULSION

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HB28 Big Bridge

The overhead rocker arm is reminiscent of the diesel motor of the U-96

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HB31 Small Tattoo

An eye-catcher with interesting adornments and a hint of exoticism

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HB32 Twin Tattoo

Remarkable design and two cylinders in perfect harmony

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HB34 Max Tattoo

The largest model of the Böhm-Stirling family leaves no wish unfulfilled

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Suitable Accessoires

ROLL-1 Marble Machine

The marbles rush down the tornado loop of the Steampunk marble machine ROLL-1

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TP1 Texas Pumpjack

In Texas they say "nodding donkey" or pumpjack!

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R3 Ferris wheel

The Ferris wheel of Vienna’s Prater, adapted to our Stirling motors

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W1 Windmill

This aluminum model transports you back to classical antiquity

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