Here you get all information about the care and maintenance of your Böhm Stirling engines.

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General Tips

For instructions on all models, see the webshop at the bottom left).

The ceramic paste is only used once in a new engine to insert the piston during operation and then no longer. It remains with dry friction bearings and the one to two-hourly maintenance (Point 6) through the cleaning of the piston and the cylinder wall inside.

Never lubricate bearings! The biggest mistake you can make is to reoil!

The connecting rods must be able to be easily shifted laterally and not jam. The connecting rod can be bent to fit flush.
Tighten the screw slightly to 4-5 cNm. Otherwie the connecting rod can get jammed with a crushed black sleeve. Please work carefully. The engine will thank you. Always look for resistance. The model cannot start if there is resistance.

HB9 + HB10, make sure that the rocker arm can move and swing freely (remove rods for testing).

Any frictional resistance can cause the model to stop!
Make sure that the gap between flywheels and ball bearings is approximately 0.2 mm in size in order to prevent a braking of the ball bearings.

O-rings age in UV light and become porous: avoid exposure to sunlight.

You can always reorder O-rings, see Point 8.

The models are not built for continuous operation! Filling with ethyl alcohol is sufficient for a demonstration; the engine should then cool completely before attempting to restart.

Since the models are delicate, take the necessary care!

Only use 94% alc methylated alcohol. Never use paraffinic fuels such as oil or tea lights! This leads to extreme contamination and standstill.