Here you get all information about the care and maintenance of your Böhm Stirling engines.

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Glue Bearings

Degrease ball bearing around the circumference (outer diameter) with a cloth moistened with ethyl alcohol. Then put the bearing aside. To prevent injury when dealing with superglue, wear safety glasses and thin gloves. Keep the adhesive out of reach of children. Dispose of the adhesive after use so that your children are safe! (There are also commercially available ball bearing adhesives available, such as Loctite). Dip a toothpick into the superglue (several times until the surface of the toothpick absorbs and binds with the glue and absorbs the excess on the surface). Insert the toothpick in the hole so that the adhesive can be applied thinly. If a drop (too much) forms, use a cloth to (touch) carefully "absorb" it.

Then guide the side part quickly downward with the right side (see diagram) over the bearing. The gap is correct when the side part rests directly on the table. After a short time the bearing is fixed.

Once the adhesive is in the ball bearing, it is NO longer usable.

ATTENTION: Superglue is very dangerous!! Work only with safety goggles and protective gloves! Discard after use! Keep out of reach of children! You can find the safety data sheet in the webshop on the bottom left next to Downloads Instructions.