HB6 Sunlight-Tower

The HB6 sunlight tower

The Coffee-Stirlingengine HB6 shows with one spin of the simple way of converting thermal energy into motion.

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HB6 Sunlight-Tower

This coffee-stirling is the further development of the Coffee Stirling, which is now powered upside down with solar energy, but can also be powered by heat like its predecessor.

HB6 Sunlight-Tower

This synergy, on the one hand as a solar drive, on the other hand with a hot coffee cup (in this case reversed), opens up several possibilities for the use of this beautiful Stirling engine.

Both domes (HB-Glas-3 and HB-Glas-4) don't fit on this Stirling engine.
Only available as a finish model!

Technical Data

BASE PLATES 100 mm ø diameter
FLYWHEEL 82 mm ø diameter
WEIGHT 350 g
MATERIALS Stainless steel connecting rods and bearings, aluminum, brass flywheel 



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