Here you get all information about the care and maintenance of your Böhm Stirling engines.

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In-house customer service

If you need help with your old model, can't handle your new model or have a complaint.

1. Read all information on our homepage:

2. Any questions left? Please contact us then by mail:

3. Did we tell you to send the model to us?

Instructions for sending us the model:

Send us your model free-of-charge, packed safely and shockproofed. Please declare the article with a value of 20 EUR and write REPAIR on the package. The shipping costs outside of the EU are about 40€.

We can also have the model picked up by FedEx, it will cost the amount of money we will pay for it. You can pay for it by PayPal or bank transfer and after receipt of payment we send you the label by email.

If there is a complaint with a new model, we will treat it that way too. If the complaint is justified, you will get your money back for the shipping.

Send the package Door-to-Door, customs included, with e.g. DHL Express, FedEx, UPS.

We can't pickup the package from the customs in Germany.

Send back to:

Hermann Boehm,
Werner von Siemens Str. 2
D-91413 Neustadt Germany

4. We clean and repair your model. Price according to effort and cost of the spare parts used.

5. Complaints that are justified are free of charge in terms of repair.


Use only 94-96% denatured methylated spirits, non colored.

Please clean your working pistons regularly and do not relubricate the model unless the engine is completely disassembled and rebuilt for a general cleaning.

Use your model only in a clean enviroment.