Stirling Engine HB6-Sunlight-Tower

The HB6 Sunlight Tower is the further development of the Coffee Stirling, which is now powered upside down with solar energy, but can also be powered by heat like its predecessor.
This synergy, on the one hand as a solar drive, on the other hand with a hot coffee cup (in this case reversed), opens up several possibilities for the use of this beautiful Stirling engine.


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Product.Nr. HB6-Sunlight-Tower

weight 0,60 KG


Stirling Engine HB6-Sunlight-Tower


Technical Data:

Base measurements: 100 mm ø diameter 
Flywheel: 82 mm ø diameter
Overall height: 170 mm
Weight: ca. 350 g
Materials: Stainless steel connecting rods and bearings, aluminum, brass flywheel  

Both domes (HB-Glas-3 and HB-Glas-4) don't fit on this Stirling engine.






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