Stirling Engine HB6-Tea-Time

The HB6-Tea-Time invites you to have a cup of tea. With a spin, it shows how thermal energy is converted into motion in a simple manner.

This model was carefully designed based on the pioneering work carried out by Dr. Senft at the University of Wisconsin.

This engine is operated by many sources of heat as well as a hot cup and the human hand.

The cup is not included with the HB6-Tea-Time.


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Product.Nr. HB6-Tea-Time

weight 0,60 KG


Stirling Engine HB6-Tea-Time


Technical Data:

Base measurements: 92 mm ø diameter
Flywheel: 82 mm ø diameter
Overall height: 120 mm
Weight: ca. 350 g
Materials: Stainless steel connecting rods and bearings, aluminum, brass flywheel

The cup is not a part of HB6-Tea-Time!


 Download: assembly instruction


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