Stirling Engine HB5 - Power Plant + TP1-Texas Pumpjack

HB5 Impressively powerful. Well chilled, this power package does not get out of breath!
TP1 - In Texas they say "nodding donkey" or pumpjack!
With 5 lifting and 3 speed settings you have 15 opportunities to promote their own "oil", which is fun, that's fun!

Also available as a kit.


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Product.Nr. HB-PA-HB5-TP1

weight 1,70 KG


Stirling Engine HB5 - Power Plant
+ TP1-Texas Pumpjack

Technical Data:

DIMENSIONS HB5+TP1: about 16 x 11 x 14,5 cm + 17 cm, 15,8 cm, 10,8 cm
WEIGHT HB5+TP1: about 950 g + 608 g
Output HB5: 8 different speeds for external drives
Suitable for Ferris wheels windmills + Texas Pumpjack as well as other drives
MATERIALS HB5+TP1: Brass, stainless steel, aluminum + Stainless steel screws & guide components; brass Piston & wheels Aluminium, Steel Parts (all stainless steel), beech light
DRIVES HB5: Powerful Stirling motor operates on 94% alc spirit .
RUNNING TIME HB5: about 10 minutes
KIT CONTENTS HB5: 131 Individual parts, including two 110mm x 1.5mm drive belts
Kit TP1: 8 high-class ball-bearings, 1 crunk axle
88 Parts,...
Assembling Time TP1: approx. 1,5 hours
8 different speeds possible and two drive models drive simultaneously.


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