Stirling Engine HB11 - Little Pump

"Little Pump" - "Pump it up" could be this motor's motto. Enjoy this machine with its overhead rocker arm and precision crankshaft.


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Product.Nr. HB11

weight 0,80 KG


Stirling Engine HB11 - Little Pump


Technical Data:

Base measurements: 156 mm x 108 mm x 130 mm, 0,7 kg
Base plate: beech light
Materials: Stainless steel screws &
guide components; brass cylinder &
Steel Parts: all stainless steel
Bearing application: 4 high-class ball-bearings, 1 crunk axle
Working rpm: max. 2,500 rpm. Can be regulated
to run slowly
Working time: approx. 30 min

Drive windmill, ferris wheel

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