Envío y pago

Modalidades de pago

Además del pago por transferencia existe la posibilidad de pagar a través de PayPal o con tarjeta de crédito.
Los gastos de transferencia que pudieran producirse corren a su cargo. Por favor, advierta a su banco al respecto.

Gastos de envío

Los gastos de envío varían dependiendo del peso del envío y del país determinado. En el carro, usted puede ver los gastos de envío.

¡Para pedidos superiores a 300 euros, entrega gratuita a Alemania, Francia, Reino Unido, EE. UU., Canadá!

Any fees, taxes and charges will paid by the purchaser.

The models have a 100% control and are subject to a test run. Upon return of the goods 35% restocking fee will be charged. Returns must be returned door to door at the expense of the buyer. with UPS.

Upon receipt, the goods are checked for completeness, damage, or on complaints of the buyer.

Should it be determined that the model has no shortage the restocking fee of 35% is due to be deducted from the purchase price. The customer then receives 65% of the purchase price. less possible customs / delivery or other charges from the parcel service.

All costs of shipping and return are at the expense of the buyer. If the goods are not shipped door to door, we can not get the goods and goes back to the shipper and sender after 14 days Return address is:
Hermann Boehm, Werner von Siemens Str. 2, 91413 Neustadt.