HB6 Double-Teatime

The HB6 Double-Teatime

The HB6-Double-Tea-Time shows you how 2 cups of tea can power a machine in harmony.

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HB6 Ice Runner

It is the further development of the HB6 Tea Time. Perfect for the AHA moment at the coffee table.

The cup´s are not included with the HB6-double-teatime.

The HB6 Double-Teatime

Because the engine naturally also runs with other hot, non-boiling beverages.

Only available as a finish model!

Technical Data

BASE PLATES 90x180mm
FLYWHEEL 82 mm ø diameter
WEIGHT 700 g
MATERIALS Stainless steel connecting rods and bearings, aluminum, brass flywheel



USD 0.00 excl. VAT • AUD 0.00 excl. VAT • JPY 0.00 excl. VAT • GBP 0.00 incl. VAT • RUB 0.00 excl. VAT

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